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The Couture Concept team comes from a warm and welcoming community on the island of Anguilla, we have been blessed by tropical trade winds, surrounded by tranquil turquoise sea and some of the sandiest white beaches in the world……..

The support team was developed from years of listening to the client. We understand that time is important, we understand that when you request it today you need it yesterday, we understand the importance of having limited events per week in order to deliver quality service to direct clients or planners, we understand the commitment to freshness of floras’, creativity, budgets, choosing the RIGHT vendors and locations. We understand the frustration of planning a destination event from miles away even after a site inspection. We understand “Murphy’s Law” – these are the principle factors on which Couture Concepts Ltd was developed to eliminate such and facilitate a smooth transition from concept to execution for all our direct clients and planners – we take on the logistics behind the scene with the ultimate goal is for your event to be flawless, your guests to be WOW and you the client or planner to be a guest at your own event.

This is the canvas from which you can paint your picture! Are you ready to start? Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire (this questionnaire should be requested for further information or setting up a conference call)